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Welcome to Collection Emm!


Made in New York City with luxe, high quality fabric that feels good and looks great. Collection Emm’s designs are unique and  versatile. This is fashion reinvented, designed for you to look your best, feel your best, and be your best‫.


The idea of Collection Emm started nearly 10 years ago, right after I had my first child. While juggling a busy life style as a new mother, a nurse and a wife ,I found my self struggling between dressing to look good and dressing to feel good. I realized there needed to be a change in the fashion world. Women needed to feel pretty without having to compromise their comfort. I had a dream to create beautiful, chic clothes that would fit the busy lifestyle shared by so many women—the clothes that I myself wanted, but couldn’t find. I spent years creating this brand, finding just the right fabric, designing and redesigning, testing and tweaking to ensure that comfort meets style. And finally- I am proud to say that I have turned Collection Emm from a vision to reality.

ZC Herman
Founder / Designer